History Notes Part XXVIII – C.R. Formula, Wavell Plan, Cabinet Mission (Static GK Material for Competitive Exams)

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Gandhiji’s Fast, Quit India Movement, C.R. Formula, Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, V.B. Savarkar, Lord Wavell,Simla Conference, British Prime Minister, Lord Atlee, Cabinet Mission Plan, Lucent G.K. material for History, Pearson Study Material, History Notes, History Notes for Competitive Exams, One Liners for History.

C.R. Formula, Wavell Plan, Cabinet Mission

Gandhiji’s Fast (10 Feb-7 March, 1943)

  • Gandhiji undertook a 21-day fast in Jail.
  • The fast of Gandhiji was his answer to the government which had been constantly exhorting him to condemn the violence of the people in the Quit India Movement.
  • Gandhiji held the government responsible for violence but he himself refused to condemn people restoring the violence.

C.R. Formula (1944)

  • C.R. formula was a proposal formulated by Chakravarti Rajagopalachari.
  • It proposed to appoint a commission to define the limit or boundaries of the districts in North-West and East where Muslims were in majority.
  • It was proposed to held a plebiscite on the basis of adult suffrage to decide the issue of separation. In case of partition, joint agreements to be made for safeguarding of defence, communications and commerce.
  • The talks or the proposals were failure as
  • Jinnah had objections as he wanted the Indian National Congress to accept the Two Nation Theory.
  • Jinnah wanted only Muslims of North-West and East of India to vote in the plebiscite.
  • Hence the Hindu led by V.B. Savarkar condemned the plan.

Wavell Plan and Shimla Conference ( June 14-July 14, 1945)

  • The situation of the country was worsening day by day as a result of the deteriorating economic situation and famines.
  • The British Government had to come up with plans to make the situation under control and to satisfy the Indians.
  • Lord Wavell, the Viceroy of India, issued a statement known as Wavell Plan. The plan proposed certain changes in the structure of the council.
  • Out of the many proposals the main proposal was that the Executive Council would be constituted giving a balanced representation to the main communities in it.
  • It’ will include equal representation to the Muslims and Hindus.
  • Soon after the Wavell Plan was issued the members of Congress working committee were released from jails.
  • A conference of 22 prominent Indian leaders were called at Shimla to consider the Wavell Plan but it reached no decision.

Cabinet Mission Plan

  • The British Prime Minister, Lord Atlee, made a declaration on 15 March 1946. According to that British Cabinet Mission would visit India to make recommendations.
  • The United Kingdom Cabinet Mission of 1946 came to India aimed to discuss the transfer of power from the British government to the Indian leadership, with the aim of preserving India’s unity and granting it independence.

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