Railways RRB Group D 2018 Study Material – General Science, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude

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Railway Recruitment Board has scheduled Group D Exam from 17th September 2018. To help you with your preparation we are providing Railway Group D Study Material and Notes. Here you can get notes for General Science, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude.You can also download pdf of the study material provided here.                      

Important Books and Authors

⦁ The Book Mother India is written by – Katherine Mayo
⦁ The Book India of our Dreams is written by – M.V Kamath
⦁ The Book Ministry of Utmost Happiness is written by -Arundhati Roy
⦁ The Book Exam warriors is written by – Narendra Modi
⦁ The Book I Do what I Do is written by – Raghuram Rajan
⦁ The Book A century is not Enough is written by – Saurav Ganguly
⦁ The Book Straight from the Heart is written by – Kapil Dev
⦁ The Book Kapil Autobiography is written by – Kapil Dev
⦁ The Book Sunny Days is written by – Sunil Gavaskar
⦁ The Book Novel TWO is written by – Gulzar
⦁ The Book I am HIV +ve so what is written by – Jayantha Kalita
⦁ The Book U can achieve more is written by – Shiva Khera
⦁ The Book Bollywood the film the song , the stars is written by – Karin Bali
⦁ The Book Imperfect is written by – Sanjay Manjreka
⦁ The Book India 2017 & Bharat 2017 is written by – Broad castiy Minishy
⦁ The Book Train to Pakistan is written by – Khuswant Singh
⦁ The Book The Coalition year 1996- 2012 is written by – Pranav Mukherjee
⦁ The Book The Shershah of Karjil is written by- Amish Tripathi
⦁ The Book The people President – on APJ Abdul Kalam is written by – S.M. Khan
⦁ The Book Jahan Choto Chilam is written by- Samjajit Raj
⦁ The Book One life is not Enough is written by – Natwan Singh
⦁ The Book The test of My life is written by- Yuvraj Singh
⦁ The Book Atma katha is written by – Dr. Rajendra Prasad
⦁ The Book Why I am an atheist is written by- Bhagat Singh
⦁ The Book The Man who made the Elephant Dance is written by – Verghese kurien
⦁ The Book Unbreakable is written by – M.C. Mary kom
⦁ The Book The story of my life is written by – Helen Keler
⦁ The Book Moon Walk is written by – Micheal Jackson
⦁ The Book Immortal India is written by – Amish Tripathi
⦁ The Book How India see the world is written by – Shyam Saran
⦁ The Book Hit Refresh is written by Satya Nadella
⦁ The Book Singing Tree is written by – Kate Seredy
⦁ The Book An Insignificant Man is written by – Khushboo Kanka
⦁ The Book Getting India back on Track is written by – Bibek Debroy
⦁ The Book Midnight’s Children is written by – Salman Rushdie
⦁ The Book Why I am a Hindu is written by – Shashi Tharoor
⦁ The Book The Guide is written by – R.K. Narayan
⦁ The Book Not just an Accountant is written by – Vinod Rai
⦁ The Book Panchatantra is written by – Pt. Vishnu Sharma
⦁ The Book Ashtadhyayi is written by – Panini
⦁ The Book Raghuvansham, Kumarsambhavam, Meghdootam and Abhigyanshakuntalam is written by – Kalidasa
⦁ The Book Arthashastra is written by – Kautilya
⦁ The Book Ain-i-Akbari and Akabarnama is written by – Abul Fazal
⦁ The Book Humanyunama is written by – Gulbadan Beghum
⦁ The Book Godan, Gaban,Karmabhumi and Rangbhumi is written by – Munsi Premchand
⦁ The Book My Experiments with Truth is written by – M.K. Gandhi
⦁ The Book Golden Threshold and Broken Wings is written by – Sarojini Naidu
⦁ The Book Eternal India is written by – Mrs. Indira Gandhi

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