Chemistry Notes – Important Facts About Metals – Static Science GK Material for Competitive exams

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Railway Recruitment Board has scheduled Group D Exam from 17th September 2018. To help you with your preparation we are providing Railway Group D Study Material and Notes. Here you can get notes for General Science, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. The study material provided here will help to cover major topics for Railways Group D, ALP, SSC Exams, Insurance Exams and other Competitive Exams. You can also download PDF of the study material provided here.


⦁ Metal used for killing rats is- Zinc Phosphide .
⦁ Disease caused due to excess of copper in human being is-Wilson.
⦁ Galvanized Iron is coated with- Zinc.
⦁ Rusting increases weight of iron.
⦁ Zinc chloride coat prevents wood furniture from termites.
⦁ Calcium hydride is called hydrolith.
⦁ To prepare fire proof and waterproof clothes Calcium hydride is used.
⦁ Metal used in aeroplane is palladium.
⦁ Pearl Ash is Potassium Carbonate.
⦁ Chromium Trioxide is known as chromic acid.
⦁ Selenium metal is used in photo electric cell.
⦁ Zeolite is used to remove the hardness of water.
⦁ Gallium metal is liquid at room temperature.
⦁ Radium is extracted from pitchblende.
⦁ The odour in onion and garlic is due to potassium.
⦁ Copper and silver are best conductor of electricity.
⦁ Cadmium rod is used in nuclear reactor to slow down the speed of neutron.
⦁ Barium hydroxide is known as Baryta water.
⦁ Osmium is the heaviest metal and platinum is the hardest metal.
⦁ Sodium peroxide is used in nuclear reactor and also to purify closed air in hospital.
⦁ Zinc oxide is known as flower of zinc.It is also known as chinese white white and used as white paint.
⦁ Mercury is also known as quick silver. It is kept in iron pot because it does not form amalgum with iron.
⦁ Fuse wire is made up of lead and tin.
⦁ Wrought iron is the purest form of iron.
⦁ The melting point of Tungsten is 35000 C. In India, Tungsten is produced in Degana mine. Mine is situated in Rajasthan.
⦁ Lead forms poisonous lead hydroxide with water. So lead pipes are not used for drinking water.
⦁ Stannous Sulphide is also called Mosaic gold. It is used as paint.Tin shows the allotropy.
⦁ Barium Sulphide is used as barium meal in X-ray of stomach.
⦁ The green light produced while burning crackers is due to presence of barium.
⦁ The Crimson red light produced while burning crackers is due to Strontium(Sr).
⦁ Gold,Platinum,Silver and Mercury are noble metals.
⦁ Gold and silver are the most malleable among metals.
⦁ Mercury and Iron provide much resistance in the flow of electric current.
⦁ Aluminium was the first extracted in 1827 A.D. is potassium urangly ortho vanedate.
⦁ Greenockite is the ore of cadmium.
⦁ Thulium has symbol Tm.
⦁ Flash bulb contain magnesium wire in medium of nitrogen.
⦁ Aluminium hydroxide is used to make water proof and stainless Clothes.
⦁ Calcium carbide reacts with water to produce acetylene gas.
⦁ Lead is stable element. So, it is used to write on paper.
⦁ Combustion of petrol in automobiles pollute air by producing lead.
⦁ Ultra purification of metal is done by zone melting.

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