History Notes Part II – Important Dynasty (Static GK Material for Competitive Exams)

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  • Chandra Gupta founded the Maurya Dynasty by seizing the throne from the last Nanda ruler Dhananand. He occupied Patliputra in 322 BC with the help of Chanakya.
  • In 305 BC, Chandra Gupta Maurya defeated Selecus Nikator. Chandra Gupta signed a treaty with him as a part of which the Hindukush became the boundary between their states.
  • Megasthenese, a Greek Ambassador was sent to the court of Chandra Gupta Maurya by Selecus Nikator.
  • Money came to use under his rule, trade flourished and weights and measures were standardised.
  • Chandra Gupta embraced Jainism and went to Chandragiri Hill in Sravanbelgola with Bhadrabahu were he died by slow starvation or Salekhan.

BINDUSARA (298-273 BC)

  • Bindusara, son of Chandragupta Maurya came to the throne after his father.
  • Bindusara patronised Ajivikas. He is known to the Greeks as Amitrochates ( Slayer of foes ).

ASHOKA (273-232 BC)

  • After the death of Bindusara there was a war among his sons for the throne.
  • Ashoka killed his 99 brothers spared youngest brother Tissa.
  • He was helped by a minister Radhagupta in the war of succession.
  • The war was fought for four years between 273 BC to 269 BC. He came to the throne in 269 BC. Under Ashoka, the whole of the sub-continent was under one king.
  • Ashoka fought Kalinga war 261 BC. He retained Kalinga and incorporated it into his empire.
  • Ashoka sent missionaries to the kingdom of Cholas, Pandyas, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and Suvarnbhumi (Burma) and also to parts of South-East Asia.


  • After death of Ashoka the Mauryan Empire divided into two parts Western and Eastern.
  • The Western part come under the rule of Kunala, son of Ashoka and the Eastern part was ruled by Dasaratha.
  • The last Mauryan ruler was Brihadratha, who was assassinated by his commander-in-cheif, Pushyamitra Sunga in 185 BC, who later founded his own Sunga dynasty.



  • Sunga Dynasty was established by Pushyamitra Sunga, who was commander-in-cheif of Brihadranatha.
  • Buddhist Stupa at Bharhut in Madhya Pradesh was built during the Sunga dynasty.
  • Vihar, Chaitya and Stupa of Bhaja(Poona), Nasika Chaitya and Amaravati Stupa was built during Sunga dynasty.


  • Pushyamitra Sunga was succeded by his son Agnimitra. Agnimitra was the hero of Kalidasa’s drama Malvikagnimitra.
  • Patanjali was the author of Mahabhasya.
  • After Agnimitra, new rulers were weak which led to decline of Sunga Dynasty.


  • The last ruler of Sunga Dynasty Devabhuti was assassinated by his minister Vasudeva, who captured the throne and founded Kanva Dynasty.
  • The capital of Kanva dynasty was Patliputra.
  • Kanva Dynasty came to an end in 28 BC.


  • Simuka was the founder of Satavahana Dynasty.
  • Third ruler of Satavahana Dynasty was Satakarni 1, who gained power and prestige by conquest.
  • Gautamiputra Satakarni was the greatest ruler. He was 23rd ruler of Satavahana Dynasty. He defeated Saka Ksatrap Nahapana to gain power.
  • Pulamavi 3rd was the last ruler of Satavahana Dynasty.
  • Their official language was Prakrit.
  • Satavahanas issued their coins in lead, copper, bronze and potin.

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