Most Important Topics in Science for the SSC exams like CGL, MTS, CHSL

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Staff Selection Commission conducts exams for various posts of government departments. In most of these exams, mainly four to five sections are asked. General Knowledge is one of the most common and important section in all the SSC sections. Through this article we are sharing the most important topics in science, which is a sub section of General Knowledge. As per the trend followed in the previous year’s  SSC exam , the weightage of science section under General Awareness has been increasing at a constant rate.

There are mainly four sub sections of general science, which are:-

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Environmental science

There are certain important topics in every sub section.

Important topics of Biology: –

This branch of science studies the living organisms and their interaction with surroundings. The important topics of biology are:

  • Questions related to cell: types, structure, organelles and functions.
  • Genetics: Questions related to the DNA, ribosomes, nucleus, genetically caused disorders, and important facts related to genetics.
  • Nutrition: Types of nutrition, sources of nutrition, important minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and disease caused by deficiency of one or many nutrition.
  • Classification: Various classifications of plants and animals on basis of factors like body structure, living habitat etc. Also try to memorize scientific names of important living organisms.
  • Discoveries and inventions: The important discoveries and inventions related to theories, instruments, laws etc.
  • Human organ system: Nervous system, digestive system, Endocrine system, respiratory system, reproductive system, skeletal system and excretory system.
  • Human Diseases: Types of diseases, causes and mode of transmission, symptoms, vaccinations to cure disease.

Important topics of Physics: –

This branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. The important topics of physics are given below:-

  • Universe: Important facts related to stars and planets. The main focus area is solar system; try to memorize all important facts related to all planets like number of moons, distance from sun, structure and questions related to recent missions and their findings.
  • Electricity and its properties: The types of metals and their properties, concepts related to current, resistance, and voltage like ohms laws. There are chances that numerical on these laws may be asked. Also, concepts related to magnetism and electromagnetism may be asked. The questions related to electronic instruments like electric motor and electrodynamics.
  • Atomic structure: Types of structures, Properties of electrons, protons, nucleus etc.
  • Radioactivity and nuclear reactions: Types of radioactive elements, discoveries related to it. Types of nuclear reactions and examples of each type, types of rays and their properties.
  • Light and reflection: Questions on reflection and refraction, instruments based on the concepts of reflections and refractions like microscope, telescope, solar heater etc. The components of human eyes defecates of sight like myopia hyper myopia, astigmatism etc. and corrective measures to correct the defects.
  • Sound: Types of sound waves based on the frequency, properties based on the speed, medium, frequency and their correlations with each other and other surrounding factors like temperature, pressure, density of medium etc. Concepts related to the intensity of sound and instruments based on its concepts.
  • Motion: Laws of motion, Types of motions depending on the dimensions, speed, etc.
  • Forces: Types of forces, equilibrium, questions based on concepts of forces.
  • Thermodynamics: Laws of thermodynamics, types of systems, calorific values, types of energy, mass and heat conversion, Carnot engine, numerical questions based on equations and laws.
  • Waves: Types of waves, properties of waves like wavelength, frequency, amplitude etc.

Important topics of Chemistry:

Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the composition, properties and transformations of substances. The important topics of chemistry are given below:

  • Properties of matters: Types of matters on the basis of states and compositions, Properties and example of each state.
  • Atomic structure: All important theories related to atomic structure, types and properties of components of atoms. Definitions of isotopes, isobars, isotones etc. with examples.
  • Chemical bonds: Types of chemical bonds examples and properties of each bond. Order of bonds on the basis of strength and length, important facts related to the special types of bonds like H-bonding.
  • Classification of elements: Periodic table and other important classifications given other than modern periodic table, metal, non-metals, metalloids and their properties, questions based on the exceptions like metal in liquid form. Properties of elements based on the various factors like size and number of electrons.
  • Electrochemistry: Important properties of reduction, oxidation, and redox reactions with examples. Important laws of electrochemistry.
  • Hydrocarbons and organic compounds: Classification of organic compounds, important properties and examples of organic compounds like alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and ethers. The common names of famous organic compounds.
  • Acids and bases: Theories and definitions of acid and bases, the common names of important acids, bases and salts, types of acids and bases found in various fruits vegetables and insects.
  • Metallurgy: Minerals and ores, names of ores of famous metals like iron, aluminum, gold etc. Methods involved in metallurgy, chemical reactions involved in various processes of metallurgy.
  • Solution: Types of solutions with examples, Definitions and important laws of solutions like solvent and solute and effects of temperature and pressure on the extent of solubility.

Important topics of Environmental Science:

This branch of science deals with the use of science and technology in day to day life and its impacts on the nature. The important topics are:

  • Polymers: The types of polymers, properties and uses of polymers, examples of important polymers like biodegradable polymers, natural polymers, synthetic polymers, etc.
  • Chemistry in everyday life: The chemical and common names of important chemical compounds used in various daily activities like soaps, detergents, floor cleaners, medicines like antipyretic, analgesic, pain killers etc.
  • Global warming: Greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases, the important measures taken to check it and important committees constitutes on international level.
  • Units and measurements: Important terms related to units and measurements, basic and derived units, SI units, conversion of units from one unit to other try to memorize conversion factors.
  • Common names of chemical compounds of daily uses.


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